Gambling online with Ghanaian Cedi

Have you ever tried gambling for real money with Ghanaian Cedi? If the answer is no, then you have come to the right place! In this tutorial on gambling with Ghanaian Cedis you will find tips on how to start gambling at online casinos and enjoy the most of it.

spin with real moneyGhanaian cedi is the only accepted currency in Ghana. It is an official currency in our country which means that no other country in the world uses it for transactions. The symbol of our valuta is ₵, codification – GHS. As you know, gambling for real money is fully legal in Ghana. There are many online casinos on the Internet that accept players in Ghana, but only a few of them actually support payments with Ghanaian Cedi Currency. This may become a problem for some players willing to place bets, deposit and withdraw their winnings using only Cedis.

Top online casinos with Ghanaian Cedi

To help you find the best online gambling websites that accept Cedis we have created this guide. In the list below you will find trusted & recommended online casinos with cedis.

Gambling for real money with Ghanaian Cedi Currency is what we enjoy most since we do not lose money on currency exchanging. Casinos that allow to gamble with cedis are attracting most of the attention here in Ghana. That said, only most trustworthy and reliable online casinos are allowed to be reviewed and listed on

The rising popularity of casinos with Cedis

In 2019 there are still a dozen of online casino brands that allow to deposit funds in GHS. It may become a real problem for novice players to understand what’s going on in the industry. We have carefully inspected all online casinos that are open to players in Ghana and operational. The result was not promising: only ten online casinos have Ghanaian Cedi Currency in their list of supported currencies. Why is it so?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: Cedis are not Dollars. In other words, larger international casino operators are not that interested in our market due to low volumes of online casino gambling in the country. Moreover, Ghanaian Cedi has no tangible influence on the world economy and is considered as a local currency, though, it is very popular here at home. Therefore, top online casinos are not interested in adding GHS in their offer.

New trend emerging: gambling for GHS in Ghana

Although gambling for real money is not prohibited in Ghana, our population is not characterized as gambling-addicted. However, the number of active players in Ghana is constantly growing. Better access to the Internet, more money means more players willing to double their earnings.

In 2019 there new online casinos began accepting Ghanaian Cedi and targeted their homepages towards players in Ghana, which was a big news in the beginning of the year. Major online casinos are adding as many local currencies like GHS as possible in an attempt to attract as many players as possible. Ghanaian Cedi is not an exception when it comes to currencies that casinos are interested in. Now there are real money cedi casinos out there which can be analysed and reviewed, not two or one.

Depositing and withdrawing with Ghanaian Cedi

Think always about what deposit and withdrawal method suits you better. There are many deposit methods available to players in Ghana, ranging from debit- and credit cards to AirTel Money Bank transfers, Ecobank, MTN Mobile Money and SpeedPay. Before clicking on “Transfer Money” button make sure that you can afford to spend the money you are depositing.

Never forget about privacy and security when transferring money on the Internet. Be sure to double check the recipient details before sending money to an online Casino. If you chose fake/imposter online casino then your private and personal data such as your name. adress and card details can be in danger.

On this page you will find only serious and reliable online casinos reviewed and inspected by us. These casinos offer state-of-the-art software, unforgettable online casino gambling experience, cutting-edge video slots and technical possibility to place bets and make transactions with Ghanaian Cedis.


Ghanaians have always been interested in gambling for real money. It is a great way to mix fun and making real money. It’s still true that only few online casinos on the Internet support ghanaian currency – Cedis. With our experience in the iGaming industry and many connections within it we promote Ghana and Ghanaian Cedi Currency among the major casino operators around the world.

Anyway, on this page you can find the top Ghana casinos with Cedis. These trusted and recommended gambling websites allow us to gamble with Ghanaian Cedi and make real money. What can be better?

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